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Family Dentistry Fullerton, CA

Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel welcome patients of all ages and offer comprehensive dental services. At Fullerton Craft Smiles, we provide personalized dental care emphasizing disease prevention and lifelong oral health.

Our Fullerton, CA dentist office is a warm, friendly environment where each patient is treated individually. We take your comfort and safety seriously when you visit with us. We take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns and goals regarding your unique smile. We aim to help you enjoy the lifelong benefits of a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile that will offer the best possible quality of life.

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Family Dentistry in Fullerton, CA

We welcome patients of all ages at our office. Our dentists have training to care for smiles at any stage in life. The problems plaguing toddlers aren’t the same as those affecting adults. We know the most common dental problems at each life stage so that we can be proactive and know what to look out for.

Dentistry for Children

Good oral health habits start very young. You should bring your child to the dentist when their first tooth erupts, or they turn a year old, whichever comes first. Even the first baby teeth need cleaning to avoid tooth decay. We’ll teach you techniques to properly clean your infant’s teeth and then teach your toddlers how to do the same. Baby bottle tooth decay is something very common in children.

Throughout childhood, we often recommend dental sealants. Tooth decay is a prominent problem for children since they have diets higher in sugar and aren’t as adept at brushing their teeth. Sealants provide an extra layer of protection from bacteria. This material is painted onto the areas where tooth decay is most prevalent, like in the cusps of the molars. They dry onto the teeth, providing that extra protection.

Throughout childhood, we perform fluoride treatments at each dental exam to ensure the teeth grow strong and healthy. If your child drinks tap water and uses certain toothpaste, they’ll already get some fluoride. But our extra treatments ensure they have as much protection against tooth decay as possible.

Adolescents, Teens, and Young Adults

As your child grows and develops, they’re more likely to have crooked teeth issues. Though you can correct them at any age, treating crooked teeth is easiest while the mouth grows. For mild to moderate oral health concerns, we offer Invisalign clear aligners to subtly straighten teeth. If the orthodontic concerns are more severe, we can provide a reference for a local orthodontist.

Wisdom teeth start to make their appearance in the late teens through early 20s. Usually, we don’t have room in our mouths for this extra set of molars. We track their development, determining if they’ll erupt, making your teeth crooked and cramped, or if they’ll stay impacted under the surface, increasing the risk of pain and infection. In most cases, we recommend wisdom tooth removal.

Adults and Seniors

We use our teeth every day of our lives. Naturally, they experience wear and tear throughout the years. Tooth discoloration is something everyone will experience. Our bright white enamel wears down over time, showing more of the off-white dentin underneath. A lifetime of habits like smoking and drinking coffee cause discoloration, too.

You’ll also notice your teeth wear down, with small chips and cracks. It makes your smile look older, especially when combined with tooth discoloration. Cosmetic dentistry has multiple solutions to take years off of your smile. One of the most popular is porcelain veneers, an all-in-one smile makeover solution. We color-match the shade to whatever you want, and the veneer covers the front and sides of the tooth, hiding any imperfections.

Seniors experience problems like dry mouth and missing teeth more frequently. Many Americans are missing at least one tooth by the time they hit their 60s. A complete smile is essential for correct speech and the ability to chew and break down food. We offer many different solutions for missing teeth. We recommend dental implants whenever possible, as these both look and feel the most natural.

Family Dentistry FAQs

Family dentistry is essential for the oral health of your entire family. Learn more by reading the answers to these commonly asked questions.

At what age should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Usually, you should bring your child to the dentist when they’re around six months. Bring them before they turn a year old at the absolute latest. The dentist must examine the teeth when they come in to ensure they’re healthy and everything is progressing properly. After this visit, schedule your child for a dentist appointment every six months, just like yours.

How do I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

Children often get nervous before the dentist. Show them the pictures of our office and staff on our website so they know what to expect. Talk with your child about how important it is to have healthy teeth and gums. Be positive whenever you’re talking about the dentist, as your child may be able to pick up on any anxiety you’re feeling. You can also reassure them that you’ll be in the room with them and that they can watch you get your teeth cleaned, too.

Why do primary teeth need care if they’re temporary?

Though temporary, your child’s primary teeth are vital to oral development. They help your child learn to speak, chew, and smile. They also serve as a placeholder for your permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is lost prematurely, the permanent teeth below it shift and move. When they erupt, they’ll no longer be in their proper placement and can cause orthodontic and bite issues.

I’m pregnant. Will this impact my oral health?

Over half of pregnant women experience pregnancy diabetes. You may experience things like your gums bleeding, gum tissue discomfort, and swelling. If gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease, you may experience more severe side effects. Certain bacteria present can release a chemical that induces labor, leading to a child with low birth weight or preterm delivery. If you’re pregnant, tell us so we can be extra diligent with your oral health.

Are dental x-rays safe for my family?

Yes. We have the latest in dental technology, so modern x-rays have much less radiation than they did in the past. We expose your family to as little radiation as possible. Depending on their oral health and age, some patients require more x-rays than others. Children usually need more x-rays because their teeth are still growing and developing.

What oral health problems are common in seniors?

According to the CDC, multiple dental issues are present in seniors. One in five seniors has untreated tooth decay, and 96% of seniors over the age of 65 have had at least one cavity. Many medications they’re on cause dry mouth, making decay more likely. Seniors are often more likely to suffer from gum disease and oral cancer. The average age of someone with oral cancer is 62. Seniors are also most likely to have missing teeth. One in five seniors age 65 and older are missing all of their teeth.

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