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The Benefits of Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist

Going to the dentist regularly for hygiene appointments and an exam is crucial for maintaining your oral health. But there are times when you’ll need additional treatment. With the help of a cosmetic dentist in Fullerton, CA, you could be able to protect your teeth and improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry offers a lot of restorative and preventative benefits as well as aesthetic improvements. Having a straight or bright smile doesn’t just alter the way you look; it can also provide a boost to your oral health.

A COSMETIC DENTIST in FULLERTON CA can help improve your smile, bite, and oral health

How a Cosmetic Dentist in Fullerton, CA, Can Help You

Cosmetic dentistry provides more than just an updated smile. Many cosmetic procedures can be used to restore your teeth or improve your bite. Dentists may recommend cosmetic treatment for non-cosmetic reasons if the affected teeth are within your smile line. This provides greater control over the final appearance of your completed smile. Going to a cosmetic dentist will increase the chances of successful treatment that provides a smile you can proudly show off.

Improved Bite

Malocclusion can lead to some serious dental problems. When your teeth aren’t straight, it can create uneven tension in your bite. Anytime you chew or talk, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your teeth and jaw. And if you clench or grind your teeth, malocclusion could result in tooth damage or jaw disorders.

There are plenty of cosmetic treatments that can help improve your smile and adjust your bite. Porcelain veneers, for example, can reshape or lengthen teeth to help close contact. Other corrective treatments, such as Invisalign, could help adjust your bite for improved jaw strength and health.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Minor imperfections in your smile can also affect your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day can help reduce plaque buildup. However, if you have crooked teeth or damage, it’s easier for food particles to hide and get stuck. Adjusting your teeth through cosmetic treatments can often help reduce the chances of developing plaque or tartar buildup.

Patients who have a smile they can be proud of are also more likely to work hard to maintain that smile. Spending the time and money needed for cosmetic treatment can often help improve your at-home oral hygiene routine. Patients are more likely to schedule and keep their dental appointments to help extend the life of their new smile.

Protection and Preservation

While the main goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile, treatment is also designed to help protect your teeth. Veneers are made from highly durable porcelain that can withstand normal biting pressure. And custom-made clear aligners or whitening trays help avoid damage to your gums during treatment. Seeing a cosmetic dentist could help protect and preserve your smile.

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