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INVISALIGN® For A Straighter Smile

Are you looking for a solution to correct misaligned teeth? Invisible braces are an ideal solution for patients who want straighter teeth but may desire a more discreet, convenient treatment option than traditional braces. Cosmetic dentists Dr. Kush Patel and… - Dr. Patel


Tooth Replacement Solutions

Are you missing teeth? Visit Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental for your tooth replacement needs.  At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA, restorative and family dentists Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel provide comprehensive, advanced restorative dentistry services for patients of all ages. We… - Dr. Patel



What does it mean when your bad breath just doesn't seem to be going away? Well, persistent bad breath that isn't solved by routine brushing or flossing may be a sign of halitosis. Halitosis is a treatable condition under the… - Dr. Patel


Tooth Enamel Erosion

Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel are experienced dentists in Fullerton, CA, dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. They take the time to listen to your dental concerns and plan a treatment based on your individual needs. Tooth enamel… - Dr. Patel


Preventive Care For Children

Preventive care is an important part of your oral health no matter what your age is. As children, it is important to get your teeth checked regularly to ensure that they are developing correctly and that there aren't any cavities… - Dr. Patel


3 Reasons You Have Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can put a damper on your whole day. You can't eat or drink what you want to because you're worried that uncomfortable, painful feeling will come back. Well, we have good news! Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav… - Dr. Patel


Your Questions Answered: Dental Implants

With advancements in dental technology, dental implants have become the standard in replacing missing teeth. Dental implants support long-term oral health and a stable and comfortable bite. Fullerton, CA dentists Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel use dental implants… - Dr. Patel


Women & The Importance of Gum Health

Throughout different phases of life, women are more susceptible to certain oral health concerns. Hormonal changes can affect the health of your teeth and gums. Fullerton, CA dentists Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel offer comprehensive oral health care… - Dr. Patel


Whiten Your Teeth, Brighten Your Smile

Are you looking for a quick and effective way to rejuvenate your smile and improve your confidence? Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can give you and your smile the boost you need. Fullerton, CA dentists Dr. Kush… - Dr. Patel


Fight the Flu with Oral Health

Dentists Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel of Fullerton, CA want to remind their patients that your oral health is critical in fighting off the flu this winter. Your mouth is the main entryway for the flu virus. Your… - Dr. Patel