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What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a cosmetic dental treatment for patients with crooked and misaligned teeth. This modern alternative to braces uses clear aligners to shift teeth into a straighter position. In addition, patients with overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other orthodontic problems can benefit from Invisalign. As a provider of Invisalign in Fullerton, CA, we are proud to offer this innovative orthodontic treatment for our adult patients.

Invisalign in Fullerton, CA

Benefits of Invisalign in Fullerton, CA

Clear Invisalign aligners have benefits for patients over traditional metal braces. Invisalign has many advantages for patients, including:

Ease of Use

Invisalign aligners are simple to use and maintain. While metal braces or orthodontic appliances stay on the teeth, Invisalign aligners are removable. As a result, patients can remove their aligners to eat, drink, and clean their smiles or their appliances.

No Dietary Restrictions

Patients can remove their Invisalign aligners to eat and drink anything other than water. Because of this, patients do not have any restrictions against sticky, hard, or crunchy foods. However, patients cannot eat hard candy, popcorn, or other similar foods with traditional braces because they can damage the brackets and wires or get stuck in the appliance.

Discreet Treatment

Invisalign aligners are made of clear, thin plastic. As a result, patients who wear Invisalign do not have to worry about colorful elastic or large metal wires impacting the look of their smile. In addition, the aligners are less noticeable in every day life because of their sleek, clear design.

Comfortable Care

As with other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign can take several days to get used to as teeth conform to the aligners. However, patients do not require adjustments like metal braces, where new wires can poke and irritate the gum tissue. Instead, Invisalign aligners are cut precisely so they will not damage the gums.

Simple Cleaning

It can be difficult to floss between brackets and wires. Food can get stuck in braces, and many patients can experience tooth discoloration left by their brackets for weeks after they complete treatment. Removable Invisalign aligners make it simpler to get a better clean. Patients can floss and brush their teeth and clean their aligners separately. This cleaning method can also help prevent problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Fewer Visits

Metal braces require more orthodontic visits as an orthodontist needs to tighten brackets and add new wires as required. On average, Invisalign patients visit the dentist every six weeks. During these visits, we ensure that you’re on track to complete your treatment in a timely manner. We can also recommend attachments as needed if some teeth require more pressure than others.

Are you interested in Invisalign treatment? Do you want to know more about your orthodontic options? Call Fullerton Craft Smiles today at (714) 888-7008. You can also schedule a dental appointment with our team online. Please let us know if you have any questions about Invisalign treatment. We customize treatment to each patient’s needs, providing them with the correct number of aligners and visits to keep their treatment on track.