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Cosmetic Dentistry Anaheim, CA

Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental offers cosmetic dentistry services to their patients in the Anaheim, CA area. Smile enhancement can completely change your appearance giving you a boost in self-confidence.  If you do not like your smile or your teeth, Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel have a procedure that can transform your overall appearance.

With modern advances in dentistry, almost any cosmetic concern can be addressed, including yellow teeth, gaps in between teeth, and even missing teeth. We offer dental implants to complete your smile if you’re missing teeth.

Not Just a Pretty Smile

Esthetics is more important than appearance. Our primary focus for cosmetic dentistry is to address underlying functional and health factors that contribute to the cosmetic dental concern. Treating the cause of the problem ensures long term success of the treatment and the best esthetic result for the patient.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Invisalign: Most people have mild to moderate problems that can be solved with invisible braces. Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel will recommend Invisalign to treat crooked or misaligned teeth, cross bite, over bite or underbite.

Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers can be used to make subtle or dramatic changes to your smile. They are permanent dental restorations that cover the front and sides of a tooth and are extremely durable. Porcelain veneers are used to fix gaps in teeth, repair chipped or broken teeth, improve the appearance of crooked or misshapen teeth, change the shape or length of teeth, and cover stained or discolored teeth.

Tooth bonding: Tooth bonding is effective in addressing minor tooth damage and imperfections such as gaps between teeth or discoloration.

Tooth whitening: Teeth whitening is a fast, easy way to enhance your smile. Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental offers at home and in office solutions to stained or yellow teeth.

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Looking for a Fullerton, CA, Anaheim, CA and Placentia, CA cosmetic dentistry office? We are currently accepting new patients! The goal of your cosmetic treatment is to ensure that your smile is also healthy and functional. Addressing any underlying dental problems may be an important part of your overall treatment and is the key to enjoying lasting results. To schedule an appointment in our cosmetic dentistry office, call us at (714) 888-7008 or use our online request form.