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Dental Implants Anaheim, CA

Fullerton Craft Smiles, with Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel, offers dental implants in their Anaheim, CA area dentist office. Dental implants are the most natural-looking and advanced solution for the replacement of missing teeth. They are the next best thing to natural teeth! The dental implant procedure has drastically improved and with proper care and routine dental visits, your dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants can be used to successfully and securely replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth or to secure a denture when an entire arch of teeth have been lost or removed.

With today’s advancements in dental technology, Fullerton Craft Smiles can create a more natural looking dental restoration that can blend seamlessly with your existing teeth in our Anaheim, CA dentist office. During your consultation, Dr. Patel will discuss all aspects of your treatment options, including treatment time and cost. He will work with you to ensure that your dental implant(s) provide the best result for your health, goals and budget.

What are Dental Implants?

dental implants fullerton caA dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. This titanium post will act as the tooth root providing a strong foundation for the replacement tooth. Then the dentist will use that to attach a replacement tooth. Dental implants do not come loose like dentures and can last a lifetime if cared for properly along with regular dental visits. One implant can be placed to restore a single missing tooth, or multiple implants can be used to secure a fixed bridge or denture.

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If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, we offer dental implants in our Placentia, CA, Anaheim, CA and Fullerton, CA area dentist office. Schedule an appointment today with Fullerton Craft Smiles. We will discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if dental implants are the right choice for you.

The procedure for dental implants requires multiple visits to our Anaheim, CA dentist office over several months. After the comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Patel will create a personalized treatment plan. The entire implant process usually takes six to eight months, and most patients don’t experience a disruption to their daily lives.

Placing the Implant – Metal anchors and small posts are surgically placed into your jawbone to serve as tooth root substitutes. The dental implants will be allowed to heal and integrate with the natural bone, serving as the stable anchors for the new teeth. The healing process can takes about three to six months. Depending on your case and the position of the missing tooth, a temporary dental crown may be placed in the mouth while the implant heals.

Restoring the Dental Implant – While the dental implant is healing, a custom made dental crown, dental bridge or denture will be fabricated at a dental laboratory. Once the dental implant has healed, Dr. Patel will restore the dental implant by placing the prosthetic tooth or teeth. This will serve as the permanent replacement teeth.

A dental implant is made up of:

  • Implant post: a bio-compatible titanium post that is surgically implanted and fuses to the jaw bone creating a permanent and secure bond
  • Abutment: connects to the implant after it has fully healed, at the gum line and secures the dental crown, dental bridge or dentures.
  • Prosthetic tooth: this is the dental crown for a single missing tooth or a dental bridge or denture for multiple missing teeth

A few benefits of Dental Implants are:

  • 98% or higher success rate
  • Helps to avoid bone loss and gum recession associated with tooth loss
  • Avoids degradation of healthy teeth (as in conventional bridgework)
  • Improves appearance of smile and lower face
  • Patients can eat food without restrictions
  • No worry of dentures slipping or falling out
  • Look exactly like your natural teeth
  • Superior durability and longevity
  • Improves speech
  • Increases comfort