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When Should You Remove Metal Fillings?

If you have healthy and intact metal dental fillings, we will not recommend removal. However, if you have old metal dental fillings, we will recommend a filling removal to protect your oral health and your physical health. Damage to traditional metal fillings can release compounds like mercury. Carefully removing metal fillings and offering stable replacements can help prevent future health problems. We provide expert amalgam removal in Anaheim, CA, and often recommend white dental fillings as a replacement for our patients. White fillings can be a safer and more natural-looking alternative to amalgam dental fillings.

amalgam removal in Anaheim, CA

Amalgam Removal in Anaheim, CA

Removing metal dental fillings can prevent multiple potential problems. Metal dental fillings not only increase tooth sensitivity to temperature because of the amalgam material but can also increase the risk of mercury exposure. Excess amounts of mercury are harmful to your oral health. Metal fillings typically contain tin, nickel, silver, and mercury. Elemental mercury is highly toxic. While metal fillings contain a small amount of mercury, they could be potentially harmful to your health.

Biting, chewing, and drinking hot beverages can release mercury vapors from metal fillings. We must be extremely careful when removing amalgam-based dental fillings to prevent mercury inhalation. During amalgam filling removal, we will use an oral aerosol vacuum to remove mercury particles.

Once we ensure that there is no trace of the filling left, we will prepare teeth for white fillings. White fillings, or composite fillings, can be a safer option for patients with more advantages than metal fillings. We ask that patients contact us if they have a damaged or worn metal filling that requires replacement so we can prevent possible mercury exposure.

The Benefits of White Dental Fillings

There are multiple advantages of white or composite fillings over traditional amalgam fillings. White fillings blend in with natural teeth because they are made of composite resin materials. Patients with fillings for teeth in the smile line particularly benefit from these fillings as they are more noticeable.

Like metal fillings, white fillings can also provide strength and stability to teeth. Metal fillings leave patients prone to tooth sensitivity, particularly to temperature. The metal can react to hot or cold foods and beverages. Alternatively, patients who receive white fillings will not have any sensitivity to temperature. White fillings will not leave any trace of harmful metals or substances in the mouth because they are made of safe ceramic or biocompatible materials.

Do you have a damaged metal filling? Are you interested in white dental fillings? Contact Dr. Kush Patel today at (714) 888-7008. You can also request a dental consultation with Dr. Patel online. Please let Dr. Patel know if you have questions about your fillings or the removal process. He is here to help.