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Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth Replacement Solutions at Fullerton Craft SmilesAre you missing one or more teeth? Often, patients are unaware of the full impact that missing teeth can have on their smiles over time. Here are some crucial reasons to replace missing teeth sooner rather than later:

Cosmetic Concerns

Patients often suffer from significant alterations to the appearance of their smiles following tooth loss. Missing teeth create unwanted, uneven gaps within your smile. This can leave you feeling less confident, and therefore less likely to smile or speak while in public.  Feeling good about your smile is important because this can boost your confidence and has even been proven to have an impact on personal and professional goals. We never want our patients to feel like they need to hide their smiles from the world. Instead, we recommend replacing missing teeth with one of our restorative dentistry options. Restorative dentistry will not only address the cosmetic concerns created by your smile but also the functionality concerns as well.

Hygiene Concerns

Patients with missing teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease. This occurs because food residue and bacteria utilize the new gaps within your smile to cling to your dental structures. If left in your mouth, food residue and bacteria will harden into sticky plaque or tartar, which must be professionally removed. It can be difficult for patients to maintain their at-home oral hygiene routines with missing teeth because of the difficult angles they must brush and floss at to keep those gaps clean. When you replace missing teeth, you are limiting the spaces in your mouth for bacteria to hide behind and reducing your risk for dental decay.

Functionality Concerns

When you are missing one or more teeth, the functionality of your smile is compromised. This is why you may notice that you cannot eat crunchy foods anymore or pronounce certain words properly. Your teeth were designed to work together when chewing or speaking. When one tooth is missing, this compromises the remaining teeth and creates unintended pressure points in your smile. This is why patients with missing teeth are more likely to develop symptoms like tension headaches or jaw pain associated with TMJ disorders. Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel provide comprehensive restorative dental treatment for teeth that are damaged or missing to bring back natural function and your ability to feel confident when smiling, eating, or speaking. Schedule an appointment today to get started on restoring your smile.