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When To Replace Metal Fillings

Do you have metal dental fillings but want a more natural-looking alternative? We can help. Our dental office offers amalgam removal for Fullerton and Anaheim, CA patients. Amalgam or metal fillings are popular for treating and preserving teeth after cavity treatment. However, they may not be the best options for some patients, and sometimes they require replacement. We will compare metal fillings to white fillings and when it’s a good idea to replace your metal fillings.

When To Replace Metal Fillings

When Do You Need to Replace Metal Fillings?

You will likely need a replacement soon if you have cracked, broken, or loose metal fillings. Additionally, if your metal filling falls out of your mouth, you must visit the dentist immediately for a replacement. It is possible to get a cavity in a filled tooth; metal fillings last about ten years, and if bacteria enter the filling and infect the tooth, you will require a replacement.

It’s essential to look for a dentist to remove and replace amalgam fillings properly. Amalgam fillings, or fillings made of different types of metal, can contain trace amounts of mercury. If you crack or break your metal filling, you can be at risk of ingesting particles. A broken or loose filling can also damage surrounding teeth and lead to more required treatment.

Removing metal fillings can expose the patient and the dentist to this mercury if the fillings are not carefully removed. Our dentist uses expert techniques to suction out the remanents of the metal fillings without the patient ingesting any problematic material. Then, he can replace the metal filling with a safe composite filling.

White Fillings vs. Metal Fillings

Traditional metal fillings offer durability but can be apparent when you smile. Even if you have metal fillings on your molars or the teeth in the back of your mouth, others can see your fillings when smiling. White fillings are a great option if you want fillings but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics.

Metal fillings can be prone to cracking because dentists often have to drill away a large portion of the tooth to fill it with metal. This leaves patients with minimal tooth structure that is weakened and prone to breaking. Traditional metal fillings also increase temperature sensitivity. Metals react to temperature, so you can feel tooth sensitivity if you drink cold water or sip hot tea.

White fillings do not have this problem. Like other restorations, white fillings are made from composite, which does not lead to tooth sensitivity.

Are you interested in an alternative to metal fillings? Do you need amalgam removal services in Anaheim? Call Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental for white fillings today at (714) 888-7008. You can also request a dental appointment with us online.