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COVID-19 and Oral Health

Dr. Kush Patel is a dentist in Fullerton, California that is dedicated to patient’s oral health. During this difficult time, the last thing people would be thinking of is their oral health. However, it is still important to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent difficult dental problems in the future. Below you will find information about the links between stress and dental health, tips for maintaining your oral health, and when to come in for a dental emergency.

Oral Health Fullerton, CA dentist

Stress and Bite Issues

A common symptom of stress is muscle tension. For many people, this tension is concentrated in the head and face. Patients who clench their jaw may often get headaches or grind their teeth. Grinding your teeth can wear them down and also lead to bite alignment issues. Sleep apnea can also be caused by bite alignment issues.

Maintain Your Oral Health

It is important to remember to brush and floss your teeth every day. Using mouthwash to fight gum disease is also a plus. Remembering to maintain your oral health now prevents serious problems in the future including missing teeth, decaying teeth, diseased gums, and infected teeth. Keeping your natural smile happy and healthy is important to our team, however, we want our patients to take preventative measures to protect their teeth as much as possible.

Dental Emergencies

Our office is now taking dental emergency cases. Patients who experience tooth pain, jaw pain, increased tooth sensitivity, or dental trauma are good candidates for emergency dental care. In addition, if you have a broken dental restoration or knocked out a permanent tooth, you may contact our office for treatment.

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