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Effects of Alcohol on Your Teeth

Drinking alcohol can cause severe tooth damage. Liquor, beer, and mixed drinks contain high amounts of sugar and acid which break down the tooth enamel that protects your teeth. The end result is cavities, tooth decay and/or gum disease. Taking preventive…


Root Canal Procedure – What to Expect

What is a root canal?   A root canal is a dental procedure that is required when the tooth’s nerve (pulp) has become infected or inflamed and there is no other option for repair.     Reasons for Root Canal…


What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Dental emergencies can happen to any patient. To avoid further complication, patients should contact an experienced dentist as soon as possible. At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA, we offer emergency dental service to patients in need. Dr.…


How To Boost Your Gum Health

Healthy gums are part of a healthy smile! Many adult patients have lost one or more teeth as a result of gum disease. Gum disease is a progressive infection of the gum tissue. If gum disease is left untreated, patients may experience tooth and bone…


Treating A Chipped Tooth

What do I do if I chipped my tooth? Chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid infection, further damage, or tooth loss. Although most chipped teeth cases don't always generate pain, it is important to visit…


Test Your Oral Health Knowledge

How much do you know about your oral health? At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA we are committed to patient education and healthy smiles. Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel are highly trained dentists who are dedicated to enhancing patient…


3 Important Reasons To Get Screened For Oral Cancer

At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA, Dr. Kush Patel and Dr. Krutav Patel are committed to the health and well being of each of our patients. We encourage our patients to visit your office twice a year for…


Family Dental Care in Fullerton, CA

Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental is home to a team of dental professionals who are dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-focused dental care to patients of all ages. Fullerton family dentist Dr. Krutav Patel and Dr. Kush Patel provide a full range of…


Get Treated For Bleeding Gums in Fullerton, CA

Gum disease is a common dental concern that can affect patients of all ages. Patients with gum disease may experience symptoms like: Bleeding gums Swollen and red gums Receding Gums Halitosis Loose and shifting teeth If you are experiencing any of these signs…


Dental Emergency In Fullerton, CA

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. It is important to have an experienced, trusted dentist on call to help get your dental emergency treated as soon as possible. At Fullerton Craft Smiles Dental in Fullerton, CA, general dentists Dr.…