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Answering Questions About Dental Lasers

Dental lasers use concentrated light and heat to treat the teeth as hard tissue lasers and gums as soft tissue lasers. Our office uses laser dentistry to treat the gums or soft tissues of the mouth. Dental lasers can remove infected gum tissue and treat patients with periodontitis or gum disease. Lasers are convenient, handheld dental tools we use to provide efficient care for our patients. Here we welcome patients to discover more about soft tissue dental lasers and how they can treat patients in ourĀ  Fullerton, CA dental office.

dental lasers in Fullerton, CA

Dental Lasers in Fullerton, CA

Read answers to popular questions about laser dentistry below:

Are dental lasers painful?

Laser dentistry is virtually pain-free. We may use local anesthesia during laser treatment but will typically not require sedation. The dental lasers will also not affect the areas of the mouth not targeted by the laser beam.

How does a laser treat a gummy smile?

Patients with excessive gum tissue above their top teeth have a gummy smile. While a gummy smile is not a dental problem, patients may want to remove excessive tissue for a more balanced smile. We use the dental laser to contour the gum tissue for a natural look. Lasers cut and remove the gum tissue but also prevent excessive bleeding.

What are the benefits of dental lasers?

Dental lasers provide quick healing times, precise treatment, more comfortable care, and less post-surgical bleeding. Lasers are also sterile, which means that they minimize the risk of infection for patients after treatment. Patients who receive treatment with dental lasers may also notice their treatment is more efficient than other traditional options.

How long does it take the gums to heal after laser treatment?

It can take two to four weeks for the gums to heal after laser dental treatment fully. If patients have deeper gum pockets, they can take months to heal. After laser surgery, we recommend a soft diet. Over time, patients can slowly reintroduce harder foods once they are fully healed.

Are lasers faster than traditional surgical treatment?

Yes, dental lasers provide quicker treatment than traditional treatments that use surgical tools. Sometimes, lasers can be a better option for patients needing gum grafting and contouring or removal.

What treatments will not work with laser dentistry?

We cannot remove dental restorations, treat fillings, or address interdental cavities with dental lasers. Our dental lasers are best used for patients with gum problems. We can remove infected gum tissue and contour the gum tissue using precise dental laser technology.

Are you interested in laser dental treatment? Contact Craft Smiles Dental today at (714) 888-7008. You can also schedule a dental appointment online with Dr. Kush and Krutav Patel. If you have any further questions about laser dentistry, please let our team know so they can help you.